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leave a tip at the bed and breakfast

Should I Leave a Tip At a Bed and Breakfast

Tipping is incredibly important in the service industry because it conveys your satisfaction with an establishment along with helping the staff with their income levels. Hotels and restaurants are common locations where you automatically tip the service professionals, but bed-and-breakfast properties are often confusing for travelers. Take a look at when it’s appropriate to leave a tip at a B&B so that everyone is pleased with your time at the property.

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difference between bed and breakfast and airBnB

Differences Between Bed and Breakfast and AirBnB

Bed-and-breakfast facilities have been around for many decades. These facilities are owned by the property holders, and they rent out rooms at discount prices. Also known and B&Bs, these facilities have grown their reputation based on personalized service and luxurious accommodations. The advent of AirBnB has muddled the reputation of this eclectic and old-fashioned industry, however. If you’re deciding between a bed and breakfast in Santa Fe and an AirBnB property, understand the differences between these properties before booking a room.

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best time to visit santa fe

Best Time To Visit Santa Fe

Any time is the right time to visit The City Different, but a few times of the year can be more highly recommended than others. Santa Fe is a hugely popular destination, so it is recommended that you contact a first-class hotel such as our Santa Fe Inn early to ensure that dates are still available. Also keep in mind – the closest major airline hub to Santa Fe is in Albuquerque, 1 hour to the South, so make sure you have made arrangements for getting from the airport to your accommodations.

We wanted to share our top 3 recommendations for times to visit:

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b&b near all the attractions this fall

Being A Bed and Breakfast Near All Of The Attractions

The Southwest is the perfect place to enjoy the fall and winter seasons. With a moderate climate and an active calendar of events, New Mexico is always ready to welcome guests to our beautiful state. As blustery temperatures begin to fall in the rest of the country, our Santa Fe bed and breakfast is gearing up to invite guests from across the globe.

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Why People Love Staying at a Bed and Breakfast

When traveling, you want your place to stay to be as comfortable and affordable as possible. After all, there’s no place like home, but you can find an atmosphere that is as close to home as you can get. When staying at a hotel, you have many visitors in and out all of the time and many rooms to fill. All of the rooms are basically the same and tend to be a bit formal. At a bed and breakfast, there are much fewer rooms, and the rooms are quaint and different. They feel more like you are in your bedroom at home.

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