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5 Misconceptions About a Bed and Breakfast

When thinking about booking a room at a Santa Fe bed and breakfast, you might be influenced by the common misconceptions about bed and breakfasts in general. Inns and B&Bs are often more comfortable, warmer spaces than the typical hotel or motel.

We are also sharing 5 additional misconceptions that shouldn’t stop you from staying in a beautiful inn at Santa Fe.

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  1. No Bathrooms or Privacy

Many of these misconceptions are based on televisions, movies or a previous generations of bed and breakfast accommodations. Today, almost all bed and breakfast rooms have their own bathroom. Often, it might be cozy since it was converted from a closet to a bathroom space, but it will give the guest privacy. If you’re unsure about the bathroom situation, you can call the location. If there’s a shared bathroom, they may have a schedule and routine that ensures everyone has private time in the bath.

  1. Communal Breakfasts

When you book a stay at a bed and breakfast, you might be looking forward to the comfort food provided by the staff. Home-cooked food is one of the best reasons to stay in a B&B, but if the idea of sitting around a table with strangers has you uncomfortable, know that the innkeeper has done this before. They will be experience with making sure the conversation doesn’t lag uncomfortably. It can be an entertaining experience that might feel awkward at first, but might be your favorite part of the stay. If you’d really like to avoid the shared breakfast, the innkeeper will certainly make other arrangements for you.

When it comes to staying at Inn on the Paseo we provide our guests with more than one option when it comes to their dining experience. You can enjoy the privacy that is available within your room without having to share a space. If you decide to dine outside of your room we have multiple tables inside and outside at your disposal. If you feel more comfortable sitting separately from other guests you can enjoy your meal in the patio area. The only time you will find that the outside patio area closed is during the middle of winter or the Inn is full. In which case you may be seated with other guests or you can select one of our many breakfast times.

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  1. Married Couples and Family

Some people assume that an inn is full of newlyweds and families. An inn will cater to many different types of occupants including business travelers, single people and groups. A B&B in Santa Fe can cater to all the technology that you need too. If you’re uncertain, it helps to call the location before booking your stay. Our inn at Santa Fe will cater to a variety of guests as long as they are respectful of others during their stay.

  1. Curfews and Odd Policies

This misconception is an outdated concept. When you book your stay, you’re not taking on a room in someone’s home. These places are in business to make travelers comfortable. They’re not worried about when you’ll disturb them by coming in late because they are often in another wing of the location. They will have traditional check-in and check-out times like any hotel.

  1. It’s Expensive

A stay in an inn is comparable with a stay in a great hotel, but we have the charm and care of a place that cares about your stay. A hotel might be an impersonal space with staff who might not care about your comfort but that can’t be said about us. An innkeeper wants to ensure that you are welcomed and cared for when staying with us. Learn why we offer a perfect getaway in Santa Fe.

Inn on the Paseo cares about their guests and can provide all the amenities, charm and comfort you’d expect from a beautiful getaway location like Santa Fe. Give us a call to book your next vacation or business trip in Santa Fe. You’ll discover that we provide value for your money, incredible food, comfortable and relaxing stay that you won’t find with any hotel.

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5 reasons why a bed and breakfast is underrated

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Checklist for a Perfect Stay in a Santa Fe Bed & Breakfast

Choosing a bed and breakfast in Santa Fe over traditional hotel accommodations has many advantages. You are able to personalize your stay in a way commercial hotels don’t allow. You are able to stay in a more intimate location while remaining close to the many amenities Santa Fe has to offer. If you prefer more personalized lodging with uniquely-styled rooms and special attention, a B&B in Santa Fe may be perfect for you.

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Bed & Breakfast Inns at Santa Fe – The Only Way to Fly!

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Come to Santa Fe, NM for Restaurant Week!

santaferestaurantweekOne of the biggest events in the culinary calendar in New Mexico, Restaurant Week is due to begin on Sunday, February 22nd and lasts for 8 days – giving you and your family the chance to sample some of the best fare that Santa Fe restaurants have to offer. The good news is that this week means that you do not have to spend as much as you normally would to eat out; you can enjoy multiple course dinners and lunches at fixed prices.

For a meal for two in one of the city’s casual restaurants you will only have to pay $25 and there are $20, $30 and $40 per person options too. Lunches will be available in some of the restaurants, but not all. However, if you think that this week only means that you get to eat a few great meals then think again. You can take the opportunity to learn more about the preparation of your favourite dishes in one of the cooking demonstrations or classes. There are also plenty of other events that are taking place during the week.

So who exactly does Restaurant Week cater to? The truth is that there is something here for everyone. There are several restaurants that serve American cuisine, or you can opt for Italian, French or New Mexican cuisine. If you can’t make up your mind why not consider a restaurant that serves a range of cuisines or one that specializes in ‘fusion’ foods. Spanish cuisine is very popular in the area, of course. This is also a great opportunity to try out new cusines. Have you ever tried Japanese foods? Are you the sort of person who would normally avoid a seafood dish? Here in Santa Fe we have restaurants that specialize in both. How about African homestyle?

But what if you have a specific dietary requirement? There is no need to worry – there are several restaurants that serve organic food, vegetarian or vegan dishes or cater to diets that have to be gluten free. If you have other dietary requirements just call ahead to your restaurant and ask if they can help. Participating restaurants are being added to the list all the time so keep checking out the Restaurant week website to find an eatery that is suitable for you.

You can find out more about the various events and how to purchase tickets from one of the official websites. Check out either or At our bed & breakfast we are offering a great lodging deal for Restaurant Week! Stay for one night and receive 10% off, two nights and receive 15% off, three nights and receive 20% off, and four nights for 25% off! Call for details or to make a reservation today (855) 984-8200!